Big Band Close Formation presents new songs

Photo © by: dekay
In September "my" big band will present a new addition to its program: ballroom and latin dance music. During our gigs we often received requests for ballroom or latin dance music. Given the current popularity of dancing and the fact that many big bands were also dance bands, we decided to add this to our program. So a while ago I started writing new arrangements of some well-known dance tunes. During the summer these new additions were rehearsed and now we're ready to get them on the road:

The new cultural season is about to get on its way here, so participating in some of the opening festivals to launch our new songs seemed like an appropriate occasion. Both Venlo and Venray have their own opening where theatres and various cultural groups present their new program as well. On September 2 we will play during the Ouverture on the "Oude Markt" starting at 12:00am. September 16 we're present at "Uit de kunst" in Venray, though the exact time is not yet known. I'll let you know as soon as I do! Since both of these gigs are necessarily quite short, we can only present a small selection of our new program to stimulate your appetite.

It's fun writing arrangements in dance styles again, something I haven't done for a long time (the Swingcopation days). And even then it wasn't for a full big band. It's also something of a challenge: trying to inject something new and make them fit with the rest of the program of big band Close Formation without losing the danceable quality of the song. But such is the quality of custom written arrangements: you can make almost any song fit the style of your band. (On a side note: check the arranging page to find out more on this, or you can drop me an e-mail.) So if you're curious about the new program, you're welcome to come and check us out. Admission is free on both occasions.

Update: The time for the gig in Venray is now known as well: we'll be playing from 16:30 until 17:30, with perhaps some "extra time".

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