Harry Potter goes green!

I stumbled upon this announcement by Reuters today that 65% of the first printing run of "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows" will be printed on FSC certified paper. Boy, is the environment hot these days! While I agree that action should be taken to preserve our planet, I also noticed that it is used as a marketing instrument as well. And looking at the prospective buyers of the HP novel, I think this is a brilliant move! (Hey, they've got me blogging about the book...!) I'm no expert in the publishing industry, but a quick roundup on the 'net suggest that generally around 30% of books is printed on FSC paper, so this is quite a step ahead. On a different 'note'...

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Up for a challenge?

I've been making music since I was a child and working in music since 1996, but I originally studied public relations and (marketing-)communication and I still have an interest here, as well as in general business issues. So it was a nice discovery when I found Tom Peters' blog a short while ago. I didn't realise that it was already 25 years ago that "In search of Excellence" was published.

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