Music industry discovers: downloads = sales!

Photo © by: Leon Brooks
I've written about the changes in music distribution before (here and here). And it seems like the music industry is (finally) catching on to this changing landscape as well... After years of sueing up- and downloaders of music they seem to have acknowledged that downloading is actually a feasable business-model! It "only" took the massive succes of Apple's iTunes (a computer company, remember?) to wake them up...

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Changing music distribution, part 2

A few days ago I wrote about changes in cd distribution. But of course that is not the biggest change the music industry faces. Digital distribution (iTunes and the like) are taking over physical distribution fast. According to data from Nielsen SoundScan, reported by the New York Times, digital download outsold traditional cd's for the first time in 2006. And I (very safely...) predict that this is only the beginning. People are no longer buying albums, but single pieces instead. This makes some sense of course. I own some albums with one good song and nothing else worth listening more than once. But...

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Do you take McCartney with your espresso?

Both Variety and Reuters reported on Starbucks signing a record deal with Sir Paul McCartney. A coffee shop publishing cds. In a time of declining cd sales. And it can be quite succesful. In the Netherlands, drugstore "Kruidvat" recorded all the works by J.S. Bach in 2000 (Yep, I bought all 184 of them...) and it was a big succes: over 10 million cd's sold worldwide. Deals like this, things like Napster, iTunes, etc. make it clear that the entire music industry is changing. Changing fast. The traditional outlets are losing market share very fast. As the succes of the Bach edition (and later Mozart edition) show, there is still a large market for traditional cd's. So why moan? Well, I think there's a darker side to it as well...

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Composition catalog: almost there!

I've been getting my hands dirty on some xhtml code again, and I'm quite pleased that the catalog of some of my compositions is almost ready to be rolled out. Maybe as soon as tomorrow! Most of my compositions thus far have been exclusive to specific bands or certain occasions, so I'm rather excited with this opportunity to present some of my work to a broader audience. The first composition will be for big band, but other ensembles are sure to follow. Be sure to stop by often over the coming time as new compositions might be added rather quick. And please offer feedback on them!

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