How much fun can practise be?


Rock star baby!
photo ©hpbatman7
Many professional musicians I know also teach. So do I. And we all know the age-old adage "practise makes perfect". We all know that repetition is necessary to enhance skills - in any endeavour. Unfortunately, practise is often equated with drudgery. A necessary evil. But does it have to be that way? One of the things that frustrated me as a kid learning to play the clarinet was the rigidity of the instructions. I was never allowed to deviate from the exercise, since I was "learning to play in a wind orchestra" where you weren't supposed to deviate from your part. Of course this makes sense for a concert piece, but for an exercise? I felt as if I was turned into an automaton: switch on and whatever is on the page comes out. Looking back, this experience seriously impaired my love for making music for quite a long time... And I know this happened to many people. Some even gave up music altogether. Does it have to be that way? I think not. Read on and put some fun in the practise:

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