Is my work accessible?

reading levelSometimes I like to just sit back and enjoy reading some of my favourite blogs to see what's happening. And almost always I run into something interesting or thought-provoking. This time it was Scott Spiegelberg's "birthday post" that displayed a widget about the reading level required to understand a blog. The level shown here is for my blog, for Scott's you need 'Genius-level'. I must say I'm quite pleased with the level required for my blog. Why? Read on...

I wanted my blog to be accessible from the start. One of my goals was to present my view on music, composing, conducting, creativity, public relations and so on, in a clear way. Now I don't know how my blog was rated, and I'm not sure the results are reliable. While studying marketing communication way back, we had certain tests to "calculate" the writing level of an article, but the different test could generate quite varied results. But I do think it's safe to say you don't need to be a genius to understand my blog (which relieves me of the pain of trying to be one while writing!).

I think the same goes for my music as well. While I do have a certain 'ideal' music in my head and heart, and I try hard to get there, I still want my music to be at least reasonably accessible. I guess the artist in me is also a craftsman. To me, music is a language as any other and I want to be able to express myself in ways that can be understood I think. Or to re-tell a familiar story in my way. As languages and cultures change, sometimes the old stories need to be re-told in a new way. As in the way "Romeo and Juliet" has been told countless times, or the way the epic struggle of good and evil keeps inspiring artists. So what's your take on this?

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