Les Paul dies at age 94


From gibson's website:"Les Paul, acclaimed guitar player, entertainer and inventor passed away today from complications of severe pneumonia". That is sad news indeed. Of course many people know the Gibson guitar named after him, but I wonder how many computer musicians today know how much of a legacy they owe to Les Paul. Many of the technologies that are taken for granted today are invented or vastly improved by him. The most far-reaching is probably multitrack recording, but he also made a huge contribution to guitar effects.

Apart from all his contributions to the sound and technology of music in general and guitar in particular, Les Paul was also an outstanding guitar player. Since I was born in the '60s, I didn't grow up with his music. In fact I was well in my twenties when I first heard his sound - I knew about his guitar work of course - and was blown away. His tone, his technique, the overall sound: it was (and still is) astonishing. Together with Django Reinhardt & Charlie Christian, Les Paul was one of the original guitar heroes. The entire music world has a lot to thank him for!

in loving memory of les paul©gibson

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