Conducting a choir again (after quite a while)

Today I've been 'co-leading' a day-long rehearsal of Vocalgroup Ringfield: their regular conductor (Harry Boom) took care of the soprano and alto voices, while I worked with the tenors and basses. Twice during the day we "re-assembled" the entire choir to bring everything together again. What made it great was that everyone was very motivated and focused, so it was an intense day during which we were able to cover a lot of ground. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

And even though I didn't sing an awful lot myself today, it did feel good to work with voices again. I love the way the air, the room starts to resonate whenever a 3-, 4- or 5-part harmony is performed properly. Even more so, when we've been working hard to achieve this! If you want to hear what we've been up to, you have to wait 'til March, 24th, when Ringfield will perform the songs we studied today (with me playing some bass-guitar).

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