What were they thinking?

Strange gig yesterday... We ("de Bloeiende Rammenas") were hired to play at a rather large consumer fair. I wasn't too happy with this gig since it required that we play only 15 minutes and than take a 30 minute break, and so on for a couple of hours. And when we got there, it turned out that we were only allowed to play 10 minutes every hour! To make matters worse, we were asked to play as quiet as possible, since booth occupants were already complaining about the previous act (a singer with backing tracks).

Sure, here we come: 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, a euphonium, accordeon, bass, drums, guitar and singer.... Real quiet... So I decided to call it off. Better not to play than annoy the heck out of everybody, including ourselves. In the end we still had quite a nice afternoon as we were able to play in the fairground-restaurant for an hour, where noise-levels were not a problem (ok, so I left out the more heavy stuff...).

Point is: how come the people that organised this didn't think of this in the first place: that putting such a large band right in the middle of all the booths was going to cause problems? It really was a nice spot: a small café in the middle of a circus tent. Why didn't they put a jazzy combo in there? Or a string quartet? A singer/songwriter? Or something like that.

Somehow, people that organise these events rarely have an affinity for what music can do, for better and for worse. A good choice of entertainment can really move an event like this to the next level, but a poor choice can destroy everything just as well. And I would gladly help with creating a proper entertainment program! (You can drop me a line when you need some advice!) It seems that entertainment is always more of an afterthought instead of being integrated into the whole experience. So much time and effort is put into the right atmosphere, promotion, logistix and so on. And then ruin the lot by hiring a band that is way too loud.... It could have been so nice and now they ended up with silence. Real pity.

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