Gerry Mulligan scores!

The Dutch Jazz Orchestra commisioned Creatid Music Services to 'edit' two original Gerry Mulligan scores to be included on their next recording. It's not really editing, since Ray wouldn't dream of changing anything Mulligan wrote, it's more like 'restoring to a readable condition' that he is to do. The original scores are often hastily written, so it's a slow and painstaking proces (which of course has to be finished overnight, as usual in the music world...).

However, Creatid has done these jobs before and it's priceless to get your hands on these rare manuscripts (and great study material!). Walter van de Leur - the musicologist and researcher of the DJO has succeeded a number of times in salvaging scores from Mulligan, Evans (Gil), Strayhorn and others, including some real gems (which is why Ray dedicated his bigband composition "Treasure Hunter"to him).

The goal of the DJO is to research and perform artistic orchestral jazz repertoire that answers to the highest standards of quality and artistic relevance. These are mostly pieces that are rarely played or forgotten. If you ever get a chance to see them: go do it! Top-notch players and a superior ensemble sound. You won't regret it. Of course you could also go to or so to pick up one of their cd's.

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