Investigating WordPress

I'm currently setting up a parallel blog because I'm researching WordPress - the blogging software - since I want you to be able to comment on these blogs (as soon as something useful shows up of course :-) ). Blogging itself works like a dream, but I want the pages to look the same as the rest of the site, and that is a challenge! You can take a look at the work in progress (and even comment on this and earlier posts!) here, but don't complain if it doesn't work or looks ugly ;-).

[update 1: I got lost in my own lay-out attempts so I had to partially reset it...]
[update 2 oct 16: Yep! I had to reset it all since I screwed up big time! :-(]
[update 3 mar 9: Since the entire site has been converted to Drupal, the link no longer works.]

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