Sitedesign- and blogging links

In redesigning this website and revamping my blog, I found a lot of informative and helpful texts on a number of sites and blogs. Since I thought these might be of use to you, I decided to list a few of those here. I've included links to some very helpful posts, but most of the sites have lots of useful information, so if you check them, you might well want to browse the whole site! So here we go:

These bloggers have provided tons of useful information on writing, blogging strategies, etcetera:
Copyblogger (aka Brian Clark); his "Copywriting 101" is a must read.
ChrisG (or: Chris Garrett); this post is very good, but the site contains much more.
ProBlogger (Darren Rowse); on content, marketing and earning money with blogs.

This entire website is now powered by Drupal and these were my top resources while building it: Obvious maybe, but the site contains solid information on implementation.
Nick Lewis I found a lot of useful things on Drupal here, including this post.
SEOmoz You can't do without Search Engine Optimization and SEOmoz is top.
Venture skills Here you can find site-building, blogging and SEO in one.

Of course there were many more sites and blogs that were very useful to me, but the ones mentioned here are a bit more general and probably provide the most useful information when starting on a same trail as me. Hope you enjoy them, and at least pay them a visit!

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