Exhilarating evening!

Stage right Yesterday I conducted big band Close Formation at the Sportsgala in theatre "de Maaspoort", where sports-related awards were presented, and what an evening it was! One of the artists stuck in traffic, the mayor (who was to present the most important award that evening) stuck at the airport... There was no way of sticking to the original programming, so the organisation (and we!) had to improvise. My in-ear was buzzing with problems, solutions, work-arounds and program-changes! But in the end it all worked out nicely: the audience had a great evening and all glitches were solved on the go. The band made a solid impression, so I'm very satisfied.

Personally, I was particularly satisfied with the way my arrangements worked out in the theatre. Notably "Big Spender" made quite an impression, even on me and I've performed it many times before! It's one thing playing these songs on dances and the like (and I love it), but still something special to hear them performed in a theatre.

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