Up for a challenge?

I've been making music since I was a child and working in music since 1996, but I originally studied public relations and (marketing-)communication and I still have an interest here, as well as in general business issues. So it was a nice discovery when I found Tom Peters' blog a short while ago. I didn't realise that it was already 25 years ago that "In search of Excellence" was published.

And after all this time, his "Eight Basics" still hold up pretty well (Tom's own analysis). So there's still a lot of mileage in his ideas. But my re-discovery of Tom Peters led me to another one of his initiatives that is even more interesting to me: ChangeThis.

The way people gather and communicate information is changing at a tremendous rate. Blogs are a prime example of how the interchange of information has transformed. In general I think this is a wonderful development, but of course you have to be careful about what you believe of what is written. So I think its a good thing that some people are challenging the way these new communication channels are used, and that is precisely the point here. If you're up for a challenge, go and take a look. I think it is important, so that why I endorse their initiative here.

[On a side note: I added a blogroll ("Blogs I like" and "Sites I like") to the sidebar, so that you can check out some blogs and sites I visit on a regular basis. These are unlike the links on the Creatid Music Services site, since the links here are the ones I personally like and visit.]
[Update 1: 09/03/2007: blogroll temporary removed, due to conversion to Drupal.]

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