Revisiting 'the Singing Detective'

Singing Detective DVD
This week I began work on a new project: a performance of about an hour for one of my ensembles. It is based on selection of songs from the BBC miniseries "the Singing Detective", that originally aired in 1986. For those who don't know the show: it's about a writer with a nasty and painful skin disease in a hospital, working on a novel of the said 'singing detective' (although the actual story is a lot deeper and more confusing than this). If you want to know more about it, here's a link to the wikipedia page. The whole project is a lot of fun because I face a few interesting challenges:

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Arrangement big succes

Saturday we performed the "ZDF - Hitparade" with great succes in De Schakel in Reuver. An arrangement of eight German songs in medley-form, with the theme of the "ZDF - Hitparade" as connecting element. Fantastic performances by the singers and the 10-piece band (conducted by Ray Drossaert) and great make-up made this an experience to remember! There will be another performance on Saturday, January 24.

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