Big Band Close Formation presents new songs

Photo © by: dekay
In September "my" big band will present a new addition to its program: ballroom and latin dance music. During our gigs we often received requests for ballroom or latin dance music. Given the current popularity of dancing and the fact that many big bands were also dance bands, we decided to add this to our program. So a while ago I started writing new arrangements of some well-known dance tunes. During the summer these new additions were rehearsed and now we're ready to get them on the road:

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Conducting a choir again (after quite a while)

Today I've been 'co-leading' a day-long rehearsal of Vocalgroup Ringfield: their regular conductor (Harry Boom) took care of the soprano and alto voices, while I worked with the tenors and basses. Twice during the day we "re-assembled" the entire choir to bring everything together again. What made it great was that everyone was very motivated and focused, so it was an intense day during which we were able to cover a lot of ground. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

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Exhilarating evening!

Stage right Yesterday I conducted big band Close Formation at the Sportsgala in theatre "de Maaspoort", where sports-related awards were presented, and what an evening it was!

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What were they thinking?

Strange gig yesterday... We ("de Bloeiende Rammenas") were hired to play at a rather large consumer fair. I wasn't too happy with this gig since it required that we play only 15 minutes and than take a 30 minute break, and so on for a couple of hours. And when we got there, it turned out that we were only allowed to play 10 minutes every hour! To make matters worse, we were asked to play as quiet as possible, since booth occupants were already complaining about the previous act (a singer with backing tracks).

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